Di Dixon Art Space Southern Highlands is launching on the 24th November, 2022 – just in time for Christmas. Here’s what you need to know!

Di Dixon Art Space Southern Highlands – What Is It All About?

We’ve transformed the ground floor of Home and Hearth Property into Di Dixon Art Space Southern Highlands. This inspiring retail space showcases local artists and creators, featuring beautiful, unique items that will truly enhance your home.

You’ll find some of my own original works on linen and canvas, both acrylic and oil. These are available to buy and hang on your walls, bringing joy and colour to any room.

Di Dixon Art Space Southern Highlands
Sheepwash to the Gib, by Di Dixon

You can also purchase the work of renowned local photographer Phil Winterton, who specialises in landscape and home photography.

Art Space Southern Highlands will feature the work of photographer Phil Winterton
Dive in by Phil Winterton

We will also showcase a small selection of Australian made gift items. These include oiled canvas totes, quilted picnic rugs, locally made candles and a stunning range of Finnish baskets and weave art. 

Di Dixon Art Space Southern Highlands X Home And Hearth Property

The idea behind the collaboration is the synergy of property and art. When you purchase your new home, you of course want to make it a beautiful space to relax. You also want to soak up all things that speak to the stunning region you are now living in. Our property presence will still be here, with our offices located on the first floor. However, I want our customers and community to get so much more from their real estate experience.

We Haven’t Forgotten Real Estate

We will still have a window devoted to real estate show cards and a fully functioning real estate office. Though now, upon entry into the office, you will be immersed in beauty, art and local culture. It is a holistic Southern Highland experience from the second you step through the door.

So, why not pay us a visit when we open on November 24?

We’d be delighted to see you!

Love, Di xx