Self-care is vital at any time throughout the year. However, when the festive frenzy is upon us, which it almost is, we need to pause to ensure that we are keeping healthy on every level – emotionally, financially and physically.

With this in mind, I’ve shared a few of my go-to self-care tips. These can be applied at any time of the year, and I suggest you implement them whenever you’re so inclined. Self care is never selfish!

Self Care In The Festive Fiscal Sense

It’s so easy to get caught up buying expensive gifts for friends and loved ones, as well as spending a fortune on your festive feast.

Try to remember that the holiday season is more about making memories and sharing joy, than it is splashing around lots of cash. Few things are worse than worrying about how you will make ends meet through the break and beyond.

Most people find enormous joy in the simple opening of a gift, or the thought itself. Why not make a dedicated budget for each person at your festive gathering of $50 or under (or whatever best suits your means)? You don’t need to fork out a fortune on wrapping paper or cards, either. get crafty with old newspaper and re-used ribbons, or make your own gorgeous cards from craft sets you can easily pick up cheaply at any of our local supermarkets, or at Officeworks at Mittagong. Pick up large sheets of paper and crayons or coloured pencils. Get artsy with the family and come up with lots of fun drawings of life in the Highlands.

Self Care For Your Physical Health

This past year has been hectic for everyone, as we have adjusted and settled into a post-Covid world. Many of us are still working remotely, which is something that looks set to become a new normal. While this is great (the time saved on commuting really helps with work life balance), it has seen a lot of us leading more sedentary lives. It is so easy to get stuck in front of your computer all day, every day, when you work from home.

Try to take at least 10 minutes each hour to walk around the house, around the block, or get out in the garden and breathe some fresh air.  

Dedicate time each week to exercise. Whatever you love doing – do it. Avoid anything you dislike, as you’ll find excuses to avoid it. I love my gym sessions at Aurora Active in Bowral, but you might wish to swim some laps, take a yoga class, or dance around the living room. There’s a host of places to work out around the region, which I list in this previous article. If our physical health is suffering, it will often impact our emotional and mental health too.

Emotional And Mental Care 

Emotional and mental self -care is often something we put last on our list, especially in the festive season. It really should be right up there at the top. Whether it’s getting plenty of sleep, relaxing with a book, or bingeing on your favourite show, it’ important to chill out. I love giving myself a mini facial at home – it’s like having a day spa in your bathroom. I adore using Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John and Gaia Retreat & Spa Instant Glow Face Masque. It makes you look like you’ve had a beautifully relaxing holiday!

Self-Isolation Self-Care
Pamper yourself with a facemark like Retreatment Botanics by Olivia Newton-John and Gaia Retreat & Spa Instant Glow Face Masque!

If at any time you feel as though you’re struggling, or simply can’t cope, reach out to your health care professional. He or she can refer you to a counsellor or therapist who can provide you with tools and coping mechanisms. There’s also fantastic free resources like Beyond Blue or Lifeline. Southern Highlands Suicide Prevention is another wonderful local resource.

If you’d like to know about living in the beautiful Southern Highlands, please contact me via my work website

Love DI xx