Like many who visit the NSW Southern Highlands, I fell in love with the lush, expansive beauty of this region on a weekend visit 25 years ago.  Not long after that visit, I made the ultimate tree change.  

In fact, I became so enamoured of my now long-time home, I became a licensed real estate agent.  It was a gigantic leap of faith, and I have never looked back.  I look after the entire Southern Highlands, with properties large and small from Bowral to Berrima, Mittagong to Moss Vale, Bundanoon to Burrawang and beyond! I am truly in Southern Highlands Heaven.

You could call it destiny, or say that real estate is in my DNA. My grandfather was Queensland’s youngest licensed auctioneer and real estate agent and I have his actual license, issued in Townsville on 28th February 1922!

I love nothing more than helping those new to our area, or locals looking to find a new home, achieve their dreams as seamlessly as possible. In fact, I’ve become a bit of a go-to for those wishing to find the best schools, doctors, shopping, restaurants and so on. This is why I launched my website – to showcase the best the Southern Highlands has to offer.

I hope to share my intimate knowledge of the area and my expertise in real estate with my much-valued friends and clients – long after a sale has been made and the move to your new home is complete.

My aim is to give you an insider’s view into the beauty of the NSW Southern Highlands and to share its eclectic, ever-evolving arts, culture, fashion, food and wine scene.

Here, you will find ways to make your move, or your weekend stay, a breeze – from finding the perfect hairdresser, to devouring the best bowl of pasta; from the best places to hike through real Aussie bush to where to sip some great cold climates wines. I’ll also keep you updated on the best dog-friendly cafes and activities in town – because if the Southern Highlands is anything, it’s dog-friendly!

Please do note – I do not accept payment for anything I post on this website. I do not accept sponsorship, partake in paid collaborations, or take money for advertising, nor will I ever in the the future. What you see on this website is here simply because I believe it’s fabulous! So, if you’re a local business and have some news to share, please get in touch with me!

I hope you enjoy my website and especially that you enjoy your time in the Southern Highlands.

Love, Di xx 

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