Ms. Peacock Chocolatier now has a new home. The delicious chocolate shop that provides us with all the sweet treats is now tucked away on Owen Street in Mittagong. This little corner of Mittagong is fast becoming a gourmet food Hub, with il Topolino deli close by.

Award Winning Chocolate

Local pastry chef and chocolatier Lisa Morley opened award-winning Ms. Peacock Chocolatier in 2017. Lisa’s creates the most unique, whimsical, mouth-watering sweet treats. I like to pair them with a gorgeous glass of cool climate regional wines because chocolate and wine go together better than the beach and sunscreen!

Unique Chocolate Creations

You Rock My World is two chocolate half-spheres that join to become a globe. There’s layers of passionfruit caramel, Itakuja ganache, and sparkling praline inside. What is sparkling praline? A blend of crunchy hazelnut and almond praline, surprisingly loaded with Pop Rocks. Remember that fabulous crackling candy from when you were a kid?


The delightfully whimsical You Rock My World.

Then, there’s the Coffee Toffee Peanut Bar. It’s a blonde chocolate, infused with Campos coffee, smashed toffee and roasted salted peanuts.


Coffee Toffee Peanut is so delicious.

The Desire Bar layers caramel, orange and vanilla bean ganache with almond crunch. Afterwards, it’s finished with a brush of marmalade.  The taste is beyond description.

Fine French chocolate features strongly in the Sea Salt Butter Caramels, which are an altogether exquisite balance of sweet and salty flavours.

Smash Bars are crafted to perfection. They’re handmade using local honey, then smashed up and rolled through 38 per cent milk chocolate.


The Honeycomb Smash Bar will be a hit with kids and the young at heart.

Lisa’s Peanut Brittle will especially make you drool. It’s specifically made with pecan nuts and milk chocolate, elegantly dressed with a curling gold scroll. There’s a  peanuts version too. You can also opt for either milk or dark chocolate.


Lisa’s peanut brittle is true decadance.

The Finest Ingredients

Additionally, Lisa sources her chocolate from France. She says, “the Cacaofevier (the transformer of cacao beans into chocolate,) has a direct, sustainable relationship with cacao growers. Above all, they choose the highest quality beans. The result is a chocolate unmatched in taste and texture, with respect for traditional techniques and innovation.”

There are no added flavours, colours or preservatives and no vegetable fats. Just cacao, cocoa butter and sugar. The visual indulgence is part of the experience, with beautiful shapes, colours and textures. Every morsel made is dressed to perfection and lovingly adorned with iridescent sparkle, gold foil and elegant hand illustrations.

All in all, you will certainly find something to satisfy at Ms. Peacock Chocolatier, no matter what your age or tastes. Although you might not find every treat on the menu at all times – occasionally they might be sold out,  you will undoubtedly find something with which to indulge yourself!


Lovely Lisa, the owner and chief chocolatier at Ms. Peacock Chocolatier.

Main picture by Hareth Tayem 

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