Leilas at the Grand opened its doors two or some years ago. Lebanese food in the Southern Highlands had historically been hard to find previously. Dining here is an authentic experience, where you can immerse yourself quality, fresh dishes crafted using local produce, wines from Lebanon and even belly dancing.

Leilas At The Grand Is A Family Affair

The family-owned and operated restaurant has been up and running for a little over a year now. And, it’s been a massive hit with locals and visitors alike. Little wonder, with its mouthwatering menu and exquisite wine list. 

The spacious and atmosphere-filled restaurant is run by husband and wife team Rae and Michael, plus their very handsome son, when he’s not taking advantage of his youth to travel the world. As a result, every inch of your experience is dished up with love. From the food, to the wine to the service, you are left beaming, with your belly full.

Leilas at the grand
Husband and Wife Rae and Michael own and run Leila’s at the grand and their happiness is imbued at every touch point of your dining experience.

Leilas At The Grand Small Bites

My advice is to begin with small shared plates. It truly gives you a taste of the variety of the menu and what else is on offer. Personal faves for me are the Mezza Plates, the Baba Ghanoush served with pomegranate seeds and the melt-in-your-mouth halloumi. Also, don’t miss the stuffed cabbage rolls. They are out of this world delicious!

There’s also Labneh, Hommous, Falafel and beans on offer. As well as this, you can choose from Beans, Kibbeh (lamb croquets), Sambousek (lightly fried pastry filled with either cheese or a lamb and onion mix), Spinach Pies and so much more.

Leilas at the grand
Leila’s at the Grand Mezza Plates

Something More Substantial

If you haven’t filled up on your Mezza offerings, then dive right into the a la carte mains. Samakeh Harry is a traditional Lebanese way of cooking barramundi and I’m just wild about it. It’s baked with lemon, chilli and coriander sprinkled with walnut, almond, pistachio and drizzled in a warm, buttery pine nut sauce. It also come with a hearty serving of coriander potatoes and fattoush salad.

Fancy some chicken? Head straight for the skewers. They are tender and wonderfully flavoursome, served with Lebanese flat bread. The Spiced Lamb Skewers are equally as delicious.

Can’t decide? Opt for a Mixed grill Platter, which you can share amongst the table. it’s laden with garlic chicken, lamb and kofta with tabouli, hommous, baba ganoush, flat spicy potatoes, toum, mixed pickles, garlic bread and fresh Lebanese bread. 

Leilas at the grand
Lamb Kofta

Bottoms Up

There’s an extensive wine list. Some local drops feature on the menu, but there’s also a heavy presence of truly amazing wines from Lebanon. Don’t miss the Ixsir Grande Réserve Rosé 2018 (Mount Bekaa, Lebanon), the recipient of ‘The Best Rose in the World’ at the 2021 Best Wines of the World Competition

Leilas at the grand
There’s a vast range of delicious Lebanese Wine

Cocktails lovers will enjoy sipping a traditional or spicy Margarita, and there’s always a unique cocktail or the week to indulge in.

Leilas at the grand

Don’t Miss Dessert

Desserts are small and sweet. Just as well, as you’ll likely be bursting at the seams by the time you’ve devoured all your other plates! Choose from traditional Baklava or opt for a sweet platter of traditional Lebanese jellies, like Turkish Delight, teamed with a good strong coffee or Lebanese rose tea and a traditional belly dancer. I encourage you to get up and dance with her – it will help shake off those calories as well as put the biggest smile on your face!

I hope you love Leila’s at the Grand as much as I do. Just be warned – you will need to book. this place is always booked out!