Trent Nathan is a true Aussie icon – not just In fashion circles but well, pretty much every household in the nation.

He first set foot on our fashion stage in 1961, with impeccable designs, a natural flair for flattering both the male and female silhouette and affordable but inexpensive designs that propelled him straight into the spotlight.

Before long, he soared to be indelibly recognised as one of our preeminent designers.

Always inherently creative, Trent had no formal training in fashion or design and despite not being able to sew himself, his brilliant creativity enabled those around him to bring his visions to life.

“Green Halo” by Trent Nathan, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 700 x 900mm. $3,100.00

He told the ABC in 2007, “I can’t sew, I can’t do any of that. I’d do a really mean concept. I can put colours together, textures together, and give it a story, and that was the story of our successes.

“I’d put a story together. Not just a whole lot of items, that meant nothing. And I think that’s why we won all the awards, because it was a story.”

Trent retired as the head designer and MD of Trent Nathan in 1999 and the company was taken over by his nephew, Shane Barr, who carried on its enormous success.

In 2003, the company was sold to PVH Brands Australia, which set the label alongside prestigious international labels like Tommy Hilfiger and  Calvin Klein, a testament to the enduring quality of its designs.

While Shane went on to sports management, Trent turned his creative flair back to painting portraits, which he has done his whole adult life, and now we in the Southern Highlands are lucky enough to have his work on display at one our own iconic venues – Wombat Hollow!

“Purple Scarf” by Trent Nathan, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 700 x 900mm. $2,950.00

The exhibition – The Power of Now – reflects on his Buddhist beliefs and spirituality, which he has held most of his life. He says this personal philosophy provides him “the clarity of mind and the inner peace to solve problems and pursue dreams.

“Spirituality provides me with an equilibrium and a sense of order which are invaluable to both my lives – private and professional. Learning to live in the moment took a lot of practice, but I’ve cracked it! I’m happy to be just an ‘everyday Zen’ living an uncomplicated life in an all too complicated world.”

The portraits have been created in his rustically gorgeous East Kangaloon studio, where he looks out over breathtaking landscapes dotted with grazing cows and flower-filled gardens, given more vibrance by the colourful birds that visit.

The series of 40 portraits – each available to purchase – reveal his creative flair and vision to be stronger than ever, with whimsical, evocative faces, some of which bear a certain tribal inspiration, connecting to Trent’s earlier Maasai Series.

“Early morning beach walker, Fire Island, New York” by Trent Nathan. Acrylic on canvas. 450mm x 700mm $3,500.00

The Trent Nathan Power of Now Exhibition will be opened by Zoe Young at 5pm on Friday July 19 and will extend over the weekend of Saturday 20 July and Sunday 21 July from 10am to 4pm.

Tickets to the opening night are free, however RSVP is essential. You can secure your spot here

I hope you enjoy the exhibition – if you see me there over the course of the weekend, please do come and say hello!

Love, Di x

Please note … the artworks shown in this blog are not necessarily reflective of what will be on display at the exhibition. While these are indeed for sale (please contact via for enquiries), the collection being shown over the weekend of the Exhibition may vary. 

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