Having a gym in the Southern Highlands is pretty essential. Honestly, the food and wine scene is so amazing here. It’s wise to adopt a fitness routine to counteract the calories.

Gyms in the Southern Highlands

Whether you’re on a wine trail or simply stopping by one of the incredible cafes or restaurants, the offerings are far too sensational to resist. And nor should you!

gym in the Southern Highlands

The solution? Balance it out with a regular exercise routine. It’s not just for weight management, but also for longevity of health and mobility. Easier said than done? Yes, sometimes. However, sticking to your resolve is always easier with a top-notch gym and trainer to for support.

What’s My favourite Gym In The Southern Highlands?

There are a quite a number of gyms and personal trainers in the area. We really are spoilt for choice across the board. There is likely somebody for everybody’s personal preferences.

But for me, Aurora Active is the go-to. After several years of thrice weekly visits, I have never felt better!  Owner and fitness coach Stephan Venter realises that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to fitness. From my very first appointment, he has taken into account my needs, gender, age and ability. He has tailored an ever-evolving routine to fit them perfectly.

gym in the southern highlands

Owner of Aurora Active and Fitness Coach, Stephan, offers personalised and tailored workouts to suit your needs and limitations, without pushing you or risking injury.

In the time I’ve been attending Aurora Active, I’ve noticed a host of physical and mental improvements. There’s a definite a boost in my general fitness, mobility, strength. Also, I have better posture and a truly enhanced sense of wellbeing. My workouts specifically focus on stretching and warming the body, which is unique to Aurora. Also specific to Aurora is the particular equipment they use, like the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

This machine is fantastic for anyone who has joint issues or is recovering from injury. It works like a regular treadmill. Though, your lower body is contained within an anti-gravity chamber that allows you to exercise without placing stress on your joints or injury zone.

The positive pressure within the chamber creates a gentle lifting support, which means you can exercise without risking further injury.

Also unique to Aurora Active is VibroGym Whole Body Vibration Training. Also known as acceleration training, it’s incredible for strengthening muscles and joints as well as improving bone density.

Rehabbing Injuries

Stephan and his team also offer rehabilitation programs. They are ideal for anyone who’s hip and knee replacements, chronic diseases, neurological disorders and even traumatic brain injuries. They will work with your medical professional to create a safe, effective rehabilitation exercise plan. The aim is to promote mobility, functional ability and quality of life. They also aim to help speed recovery, reduce pain and strengthen weak areas to prevent injury recurrence.

Group Classes

As well as personal training and rehabilitation, Aurora also offers small group classes. There are four types of classes available. Signature works on endurance, strength building and burning fat. Functional Strength is for strength, speed and stamina. Cardio Core is for cardiovascular fitness, while Flex and Stretch uses trigger point release and mobility work to relax, release and realign. Furthermore, Stephan is also a qualified massage therapist and knows exactly what you need to release tension.

The small group classes on offer at Aurora Active mean that everyone feels like they are getting their own personal training session.

Best of all, there are no joining fees, no contracts and no direct debits from your bank account. You can simply pay as you go, or purchase three sessions at a slightly reduced price. Approachable, accessible and achievable. I truly believe it’s the best gym in the Southern Highlands.

I’m sure you’ll love Aurora Active as much as I do. Give it a go and please let me know what you think!

love, Di xx

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