Art in the Southern Highlands is something that is very dear to my heart.

I always encourage everyone of any age – from the very young to those in their twilight years, to tap into their creative spirit.

I know from first-hand experience just how rewarding and satisfying it is.

For this reason, nothing pleases me more than to share Art at the Cowshed with you.

art in the southern highlands

The beautiful Cowshed, where all manner of creative talent is sparked, encouraged and helped to blossom.

Art In The Southern Highlands Workshops

Art at the Cowshed is the brain child of noted by artist Kirsten Deakin, together with Cowshed Shop owner and founder, Maree Reid. 

They hold a series of including teen school holiday workshops and weekly term classes, which are held for a couple of hours each week.

art in the southern highlands

Uber cook Maree Reid (left) and extremely talented artist Kirsten Deakin (right), the brains and beauty behind Art at the Cowshed.


Art At The Cowshed History

, The Cowshed is a bona fide old dairy shed, located on the stunning property of Nettlebed in Burradoo. It was originally used to milk 60 dairy cattle daily.

Maree bought the property 12 years ago from renowned Aussie artist Glen Preece. She set it up as a beautiful store and also held writing workshops there.  Over the years, it has evolved to become the home of Art at the Cowshed, as well as a gorgeous homewares and knick-knack store – The Cowshed Shop.

Maree and Kirsten became friends quite a few years ago, after always bumping into each other when walking their dogs along the Bong Bong track.

They realised they both had quite unique talents that if combined could provide a wonderful creative outlet for the community.

Kirsten is a self-taught, hugely talented artist who embraced her creative side after a career in science. She delved deeper into art when on maternity leave some year ago. It was then she realised she could make a living from her exceptional talents.

Maree has always been an avid cook and is forever cooking up feasts for friends and family. When the Cowshed was used as a writers’ retreat, Maree would cater the workshops, creating all manner of salads, soups or stews for the attendees.

The Lightbulb Moment

One day, on one of their regular dog walks, Maree mentioned the old writing workshops to Kirsten. This was around the same time Kirsten was getting back into her art.

The very next morning, Kirsten had an ‘a-ha’ moment and excitedly called Maree with the idea of holding art classes in the Cowshed. Of course, Maree jumped at the chance. And so, Art in the Cowshed was born.

They’ve been holding regular workshops for a few years now and each one is always full. Be sure to book well ahead if you want to join. All levels are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a paint brush in your life, or if you’ve hung in a gallery. You thoroughly enjoy your experience creating in the cottage-like shed in its delightful country garden setting.

Here’s what is on offer:


These are aimed at teens and all materials are provided. You leave with a finished masterpiece that Kirsten has guided you to create. Teens are treated to Maree’s sensational catering. Morning and afternoon tea and lunch provided. 

art in the southern highlands

A local student at the Teen Workshops.



These go for eight weeks and they are two-hour classes held on Wednesday or Friday morning. You only go once a week, depending on what suits your schedule. The price includes all materials, morning tea of cakes or biscuits prepared by Maree and fresh seasonal fruit.

art at the cowshed

This painting by local writer Shonagh Walker was her third painting. She said, “Not only does Kirsten make art seem easy, she calms and guides you, bringing out your inner artist.”


Why You Should Join

I can’t recommend Art at the Cowshed highly enough. Many of my lovely friends have tapped into a talent that they never knew existed. They make me smile with stories of wonderful days creating, forging new friendships and enjoying an inner sense of self-worth and confidence that painting under Kirsten’s guidance brings.

To book classes or for more information call Kirsten on 0401 326 700, or visit the Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy Art at the Cowshed!

Love, Di xx

Main picture – Painting by Kirsten Deakin 

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