Southern Highlands Garden Maintenance team Jecca Blake and Anthony Kerr of Alpine Garden Management bring an unrivalled knowledge and flair to garden services.

Spring is here and our gardens are getting set to burst to life. As the weather becomes increasingly warmer, the flowers will truly bloom and our lush green lawns will grow in faster. Sadly though, we will also be faced with faster growing weeds! Enter, Alpine Garden Management. This new spin on garden servicing in the Southern Highlands was launched recently by husband and wife team, Anthony Kerr and Jecca Blake.

The long time Alpine locals have extensive experience in garden maintenance. Jecca is a fully qualified horticulturalist and gardening journalist, who has written extensively for Gardening Australia and Handyman magazines. Anthony has many years experience as a professional lawn mower, hedge trimmer and tree pruner. Together they bring a vast service offering to cover all your Southern Highlands garden maintenance needs.

I sat down with Jecca recently to get her top tips for your own spring and summer Southern Highlands garden maintenance.

What services does Alpine Garden Management offer to locals of the Southern Highlands?

We offer so much in terms of Southern Highlands garden maintenance. The whole gamut of gardening needs, in fact. Our services include mowing, edging, planting, garden clean-ups, tree pruning, hedge trimming and more. We also service the entire Southern Highlands, from Braemar to Burradoo, Moss Vale, Exeter, Burrawang, Robertson and beyond.

Wow, that’s a lot on offer! What about people who have no green thumb? Can you help them get the garden of their dreams?

Yes, for sure! We have actually just been asked to create a veggie patch from scratch in Mittagong. The person requesting it has to have back surgery and isn’t mobile right now. She probably won’t be mobile again for a good six months, so we are happy to help out. She can’t get out and move the soil or lift the plants, so we are able to that for her. We have actually advised her to go with a set up that is raised, as she will best benefit from standing up while she gardens, once she has recovered.

We will also intersperse the vegetable patch with the right flowers to help keep the bugs at bay, as she likes to keep things chemical-free. Being a horticulturist, I have done extensive training in the area of companion planting and I know what flowers and veggies grow really well together. The obvious one is basil and tomato, each of which act as pest deterrents for the other. Another one is marigolds. If you plant them with tomatoes, and numerous vegetables actually, it can deter pests in the soil.

I also know what won’t work. For example, tomatoes and rosemary are bad neighbours because the roots release substances inhibiting tomato growth.

This particular client also has her eye on some of the lovely decorative plants available at Hunter and Gatherers Collection in Moss Vale. We are also discussing creating a beautiful garden that she can sit in and relax, too.

Companion Planting Tomato And Basil Works Well As They Each Work As Pest Deterrents For The Other.

That is so interesting. Are you able to work on large properties as well as small domestic town blocks?

Absolutely. We are not garden designers, but we are happy to offer advice on both large and small areas, what to plant in sun and shade and also to maintain gardens in all sizes of homes and properties. Anthony in particular loves nothing better that getting out to larger rural spaces and does such a great job. We live on 17 acres ourselves and together we are very proud of our efforts on our own property. We treat all our client’s garden as though they are our own.

What Do You Suggest People Start Planting Now For Their Best Summer Garden?

A lot of this depends on the individual garden, its aspect and where the light falls, but generally for the Southern Highlands, edibles do really well at this time of year.

Get ready to plant tomatoes, herbs, citrus and spring annuals like petunias and pansies. Other great vegetables that will serve you well on the dinner table if you plant them now are beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, radishes and potatoes. Expect to harvest them in around six to eight weeks if you plant from seeds and earlier if you plant from seedlings.

Fabulous – Thank You! How Can People Get In Touch With You?

Pleasure. People can call us on 0416 182 242 or they can email us at

For more information about living in the beautiful Southern Highlands, please call me at my office on 02 9468 4488, or email me!

Love, Di xx