The Midas touch covers The Bong Bong Track!

This stunning image is the first in my series of Featured Locals.

It was taken by local writer, journalist and media identity, Shonagh Walker.

She says: “I captured this image one afternoon whilst riding my bike from Moss Vale to Bowral, along the beautiful Bong Bong track.

“There had been a light rain shower and I was pretty soaked through and miserable. All of a sudden, the rain stopped and this majestic rainbow appeared as if out of nowhere.

“The light was just absolutely perfect, bathing the entire scene in gold and making the grassy fields seem as though King Midas himself had danced through them.

“I was going through a particularly difficult period back then, and this moment in time reminded me that life is indeed beautiful and ever-changing, no matter what obstacles we face.

“It gave me hope and for that brief moment, such immense joy in an otherwise trying period in my life. This is what I love about the Highlands … you can be in the same place every day, but it always appears different, thanks to our ever-changing weather and conditions. It really is so magical.”

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