Few things feel as relaxing and fun as squishing raw grapes with your bare feet, but it’s great to understand why this is an integral part of the wine making process, too. Enter, Tractorless Vineyards Weekly Grape Stomping Workshops.

These grapes are set for stomping!


The local sustainable vineyard provides premium cold climate wines, all produced using bio-dynamic principles, combined with old world knowledge and skills, with the aim of reducing its resource use by integrating natural farming processes. All methods of the viniculture used respect the soils, the plants, the animals and the people involved in the creation of every delicious drop.

The perfect cool weather drop!

The grape stomping sessions will run every Saturday until the vineyard stops harvesting its red grapes, which is usually early April, so get in quick!


Sessions are $10 and include, wine tasting, a wine tour and of course stomping on the grapes.


For more information, call:

02 4858 1788



love Di xx

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